Leisure Bay Spas

Discover Leisure Bay’s long tradition of innovation as the market leader for more than 30 years.
Because we fully recognise the needs and desires of our customers. Leisure Bay focuses on quality construction, presentation and service, combined whith products characterised bij low energy consumption and low maintenance. It is always nice to know hat the Company behind your Spa not only whrites SERVICE with capital letters, but also provides service after the sale. Leisure Bay offers a wide selection of parts and maintains a full costumer service department to answer all your questions- as we have been doing for more than 22 years in Baarlo, the Netherlands. Choose for a Spa that will last for years from a Company with a established reputation.

Experience comfort with the safety and service of Leisure Bay.

Every one of our spas undergoes extensive quality control testing before being delivered to your home.
Moreover, our spas are built in compliance with the CE standard and have undergone strict American UL testing, all of which translates into a 100% safety guarantee.

Get the best quality available at an extraordinary price.

Don’t be misled by our low prices. Experience the quality, durability and beauty of a Leisure Bay Spa.
We are proud of the integrity of our quality products, which we offer at unbeatable prices.
Our entire company strives for the complete satisfaction of every individual customer.



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